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Welcome To Health Force Ga... Health Force is licensed by the State of
Georgia and is a Drug Free Workplace.

Every Client Is Special
We recognize that every patient's need is different. Health Force and Comfort Home Care has been serving Georgians for the last 25 years, and our health care team has 80 plus combined years of experience in the health field. Personally assisting the patients and coordinating all services with the family, the attending physician, insurance company, HMO's and ancillary providers.

     When a patient has a prolonged illness, the physical and emotional stress that a family incurs is immense. On top of this, the cost of convalescent care in an institution can be a tremendous burden to the whole family. By allowing a patient to be at home in familiar surroundings, your love one can experience the comfort that comes from having their friends and belongings close to them.

We are licensed by the State of Georgia.

Our professional Caregivers are available on an hourly, daily, weekly or live-in basis.

 All of our employees are:

  • Carefully Screened
  • Professional Skills and Character Tested
  • Criminal Record Checked
  • Employment References checked
  • Bonded and Insured
  • CPR/First Aid Certified
  • Supervised 24 hours a day by an Registered Nurse
  • We take care of all the payroll taxes and workers compensation liabilities if our workers are injured in your home.
Grandfather & Granddaughter

Health Force Atlanta | Suite 103, Atlanta, Georgia  30341 | Tel: (770) 458-8500 | Fax: (770) 458-9050

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