Solving Our Clients Senior Medical Transportation Needs with On-Demand Ride Service from Uber Health

Quality Care for Your Love One Begins with Getting There

Health Force of Georgia and Uber Health have combined forces to provide safe, reliable medical transportation for seniors who are Health Force of Georgia clients in metro Atlanta. Our clients just make one simple call to our office at (770) 458-8500 to schedule pick up. We take care of everything! Our clients can use Uber Health to go to the doctor’s office, the grocery store or even to visit with friends. Just Call Health Force of Georgia at (770) 458-8500 to schedule pick up. We take care of everything!

Safe, Reliable Medical Transportation for Seniors in Metro Atlanta, GA

At Health Force of Georgia, we understand that having access to safe, reliable transportation for medical appointments, going shopping or running errands is a must for maintaining independence and quality-of-life. We’ve partnered with Uber Health, the most advanced, ride-hailing service in the nation, to provide affordable, convenient transportation for seniors and clients in the metro Atlanta region. Now your loved one can get to the places they need to be quickly and comfortably simply by calling Health Force of Georgia at (770) 458-8500. Clients may travel with their Health Force of Georgia caregiver who is there to provide assistance and guidance.

Takes Our Clients Virtually Anywhere They Need to Go

Clients can schedule transportation for any type of activity such as:

  • Doctor & Medical Appointments
  • Hospital Treatments
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Running Errands
  • Personal Appointments
  • Meeting Up with Friends
  • Going to Activities
  • Anywhere You Need to Be!
Home Health Care Worker and Senior
  • Clients of Health Force of Georgia Call

    Call Health Force of Georgia office at (770) 458-8500 with pick up time & destination.

  • Confirmation Text

    Uber Health driver texts ride confirmation with car description, license plate number, driver information and phone number.

  • Pickup

    Client is picked up together with caregiver and taken to the destination. No payment is required.

  • Call for Return Ride

    Call the office to return home or travel to the next destination.

  • Paid by Health Force of Georgia

    Rides are automatically paid by Health Force of Georgia and billed to the client on a weekly basis.

No Smartphone or Mobile App Needed

Just call Health Force of Georgia and we’ll take care of everything from scheduling the ride to getting you home. You don’t need a smartphone, mobile app or credit card to use our senior transportation service. Multiple rides can be scheduled up to 30 days in advance.

Take Your Caregiver with You

Clients may travel with their Health Force of Georgia caregiver if they need assistance. For example, if someone has balance or mobility issues, a caregiver can help them get in and out of the car safely. Or, if you can’t go to a medical appointment with your loved one, a compassionate caregiver can help them check in, check out and schedule follow up appointments.

Health Force of Georgia brings together the pieces of the health care puzzle.

Solving the Home Health Care Puzzle!