Are You Living in Christmas Past?

A Christmas Carol Story

As you head home for Christmas, remember this Christmas Carol story and take note…

Christmas Past

Christmas Past may be a distant memory when it comes to aging parents. They cannot make Christmas as it was when you were a child. They may not even remember the family traditions that make traveling home so important to you. While, they still love you and enjoy your visit, they may not be up to the task of delivering the Christmas Past of your memory.

Christmas Present

When you get home for the holidays, be sure to take note of Christmas Present. Is the house in order to receive guests? Is there nutritious food in the refrigerator? Are you finding objects in odd places? These all could be signs that your parent(s) are not physically or mentally able to prepare for your visit or to take care of themselves. Some of the warning signs to look for: the house needs cleaning, scrapes or bruises that can’t be explained, the refrigerator is empty or contains junk food, disheveled personal appearance, seemingly withdrawn from family and friends, plus more.

We all would like to live in Christmas Past and think that our parents will always be the parents of our youth… but sometimes it is not to be. Sometimes as our parents age, they need extra assistance and care but not enough to move them from the home you grew up in. Sometimes, their needs can be met with the help of a home healthcare provider like Health Force of Georgia.

Your family member may even be in the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s Disease. You need to be watchful, so you can help. You should not ignore the symptoms. Don’t worry they will have to be moved to an assisted living facility. They can still be cared for at home affordably with specially-trained memory caregivers who deliver dignified care in the reassuring surroundings of home on an hourly, daily or 24/7 live-in basis. 

Christmas Past

How Can Health Force of Georgia Help?

When everyday tasks such as preparing meals, getting dressed or completing errands becomes a challenge, Health Force of Georgia offers assistance with daily-living support services so loved ones can continue living at home independently. Our in-home companion and homemaker service combines warm, human interaction with “extra help” assistance for daily-living activities so your loved one can maintain an independent and healthy lifestyle in the privacy of their residence.

Companion care services begin with a FREE assessment by our licensed RN with you at your loved one's home. The professional assessment determines the level of care and number of hours needed to live comfortably and safely at home.

Christmas Future

Christmas Future can be wonderful too when you find the support and care your loved ones need. The first step in assuring this is to keep a watchful eye on your aging family members and look to see what help they might need to be able to continue living in their home safely.

So, this Christmas, keep your eyes open and look to see what is really going on and be ready to help.

We want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Day-to-day tasks offered by Health Care of Georgia include:

  • Meal preparation
  • Grocery shopping
  • Getting dressed
  • Laundry
  • Housekeeping such as cleaning the bathroom
  • Taking them to medical appointments
  • Companionship
  • Mental stimulation
  • Physical activities and social engagement
  • Bathing, dressing, grooming and toileting
  • Light housework
  • Transportation to medical appointments and other events
  • Planning and preparing nutritious meals
  • Grocery shopping
  • Doing hobbies
  • Monitoring and giving medications
  • Keeping records on patient status, changes and all activities
  • Maintaining a safe environment and consistent routine to lessen agitation or outbursts
  • Adapting level of care as disease progresses
  • Managing change in behavior
  • Assisting with walking or moving from room to room
  • Getting out of bed
  • Going to bed
  • Communicating with family members about changes
  • Plus, much more


"A Merry Christmas to us all;
God bless us, every one!"
– Tiny Tim from Charles Dickens  A Christmas Carol


What’s the Next Step to Receiving Personal Home Care for My Parent?

Service begins with a free, in-home assessment by a licensed RN, so you can get to know us and we can determine what’s needed. It’s important to understand each client’s situation before starting care because every family’s need is different. The professional assessment identifies all daily support services essential to living comfortably and safely at home and helps determine care costs.

So, before having 'The Conversation' with your aging mom or dad, talk with us first so you have answers to their questions. Click the link below or call us directly at 770-458-8500. We could be the solution you’re looking for!

Merry Christmas from Health Force of Georgia!
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