Do You Have a Plan if the Flu Strikes Your Family?

Health Force of Georgia Home Health Care Workers Visit Your Home When You Need Help

Sometimes you need temporary help when you have an elderly parent that is living alone or have a sick child, or if the main caregiver in the family has come down with the flu. Health Force of Georgia has trained home health care workers who will check in on you, do light housework or can even send a skilled nurse access your medical needs. Give us a call. We can help.

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A Christmas Carol Story

Christmas Past

Are You Living in Christmas Past?
You may not be aware that your aging family members are in need of help this Christmas. When you go home for the holidays keep your eyes open to see if all is well. You may find that things are not as good as you remember and your parents might need some assistance to be able to remain in the home you grew up in. We have put together a list of things to check to help assess Christmas Present.

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Receive IVIG Therapy At-Home to Strengthen a Weakened Immune System

Home IVIG Therapy can help restore a weakened immune system.

At home IVIG infusion therapy allows patients to have greater control over their schedule.
It eliminates the time/distance stress of traveling to a hospital or clinic to receive treatment. Home IVIG infusion therapy can help increase the quality of life, decrease healthcare & pharmaceutical costs and produce more positive patient outcomes.

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